June 25, 2024

Jacked Ryan


What is Chris Pine’s workout routine?

The actor Chris Pine replaced William Shatner in the Star Trek science fiction movie and television series. One of the reasons for the popularity of Chris Pine is his toned physique. Hence many fans of Chris Pine and other fitness conscious people would like to find out What is Chris Pine’s workout routine? so that they can emulate it. Like other actors, Chris Pine makes the effort to remain physically fit and exercises regularly to remain thin, though he may have to change his appearance, based on the roles he is playing. The fitness routine for Chris Pine is developed by his personal trainer Paul Vincent.

In the morning, after he wakes up, Chris Pine does his daily superset, to boost his metabolic rate in the morning. The superset consists of 25 reps of Swiss Ball extension and 30 reps for Arch & Rock. For Swiss Ball extensions, a stability ball will be required and it helps maintain good posture. For Arch & Rock, the body is rocked back and forth on the pelvis to form an arch while keeping the feet together.

Pine’s trainer Vincent has developed the cross training routine which combines Yoga with boxing. These routines are usually something new for the person training. The boxing routine includes two sets each of the shadow boxing drill, Mitt drill, Bob and weave drill, heavy bag drill, speed training drill. Pine also likes to be outside his house, running on the streets and hills around his house.

However, for fat burning, Chris Pine does the metabolic circuit training at the Altus Sports Gym at Santa Monica. For this training, Pine selects 5 different moves and repeats them one hundred time each. Each move is done for one minute each, and then he moves to the next move. The preferred exercises for Pine while training are Mountain Climbers, Squat Thrust, Box Jumps, Swiss Ball Jack-knife and Swiss Ball Pike. Other exercises like Kettlebell swings, broad jumps and rowing can also be used, instead of the above exercises.