July 14, 2024

Jacked Ryan


What was Chris Hemsworth’s Diet for Thor?

So you just watched a movie with Thor, God of Thunder, and now you are asking yourself, “how can I get arms like that?”

You’re not alone. Everyone wants to have a lean, muscular build. But a big body is a big goal that requires effort and hard work.

Chris Hemsworth, the star power behind the blockbuster phenomenon that is Marvel’s Thor, has the physique that is the envy of every lowly gym rat. But keep in mind that a body like his was only attained after he put in the work that you are sizing yourself up to do.

Photo of a determined man getting his pump on at the gym. Photo found at https://www.pxfuel.com/ and carries this license: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

According to Hemsworth and other sources including his trainer, it took a lot of dedication, consistency, motivation, and intensity to build the arms, shoulders, chest that he has on-screen.

His diet for the Thor role was restricted and uniquely tailored to his muscle-building goals. The diet plan consisted of two main concepts. The first was to include a meal plan of proteins designed for muscular hypertrophy while the second included a lean vegetable and starch formula to prevent fat deposition.

Photo of a plate of marinated raw red meat with a corn side. This is more illustrative of a high protein meal, not-so-much something you should actually consume. Photo found at https://www.pxfuel.com/ and carries this license: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Hemsworth says that he used to eat chicken breast, fish, vegetables, steak, and brown rice to prepare his body for the Avenger movies. He had restrictions from all kinds of junk food, even on cheat days. Any kind of excess sugar was prohibited. Moreover, this diet was followed by a heavy workout routine.

When you say you want to have a body like the Norse Avenger, what you are really saying his want to have the confidence that you saw your favorite hero emit throughout the movie. Not only can a Thor=like build give you that, but in general a lean, muscular build keeps the body in good physical and physiological working order.

A recreation of Thor’s famous hammer, Mjölnir. Modified from a photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Rusty Frank.

Just remember that to achieve your goal of an ideal body is not an easy task. It demands sacrifice regarding your diet. Keeping away from favorite junk foods like burgers and pizza is a hard call.

However, motivation and intensity can help in making this very easy to get. Hemsworth is proof of that. The Aussie actor himself states that it takes the determination and motivation to keep an ideal body. When you keep a goal in mind, then a restricted diet and heavy workout can become a superhero adventure you will be happy to go on.

A photoshopped image of Chris Hemsworth on the beach. Hemsworth’s photo is courtesy of Gage Skidmore . Beach photo found on Piqsels.